Leadership Training for Executives, Senior Management, and First Line Supervisors.

How We Serve Our Clients!


First Line supervisors

You are the ones that we believe struggle the most while having the highest impact in any organization. You were the technical expert in your job and then were promoted with the expectation of creating a team that functions on your level. However upper management didn't provide you with any tools to help with the transition or team development. 

This is where Keybravo steps in. We specialize in reducing a new supervisor's timeline to becoming an effective leader from years to months. We use a combination of skills training and one-on-one coaching to help guide you along your leadership journey with a strong focus on team productivity. 

Senior management

Running teams of multiple disciplined specialists within a complex and ever changing environment is a tough task. It takes a long term mission with near term results to move a large organization towards a focused goal. Understanding the ripple effects of decisions is critical to the company's vision and stability of the work force.

We use peer-to-peer learning such as high level masterminds and 360 feedbacks to gain new insight into how decisions affect the whole organization. We believe that there is no substitution for experience and help connect you to those who have been in similar situations.


Vison is the one thing all executives have in common. The ability to see the opportunity and to guide the company to a more prosperous future. The need to both understand complex difficult situations and to communicate the solutions clearly is key to the long term success of the organization. Without vision, there cannot be any growth.

Our expertise is in understanding how elite teams are built and the policies necessary to create a culture for them to thrive in. As an objective advisor we use one-on-one coaching to assist you in becoming a more effective leader and visionary for your organization.