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Keybravo Leadership Development LLC, is a professional and management consulting service. We provide practical skills training that directly affect your organization’s productivity, retention, and cost savings. Our results focused events draw upon industry best practices, leadership theory, and trainers with over 20 years of practical experience.

Core Competencies

  • Leadership Assessment, Coaching, and Development

  • Employee Training and Team Building

  • Key Skills Training

    • Leadership of People

    • Management of Programs

    • Personal and Organizational Goal Setting

    • Interpersonal Communication

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Free Leadership seminars

We utilize Dr. Maxwell's book "Leadership Gold" to provide free seminars within the local library systems of both Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana. This is our way of supporting the community and meeting new people. This seminar is to introduce someone to Keybravo and John C. Maxwell leadership principles while providing an opportunity to network with like minded professionals. We want to help those who want to succeed in their leadership positions, but don't know where to start.


Using a combination of teaching, facilitation, and group problem solving; we seek to provide a weekly experience that helps our members overcome the tribulations of being a young leader. The format begins with a quick introduction, then a lesson from a well known leadership book, and then we will close with a spotlight on one member's specific problems to have the group provide insights and solutions. Additionally, our paid members will gain access to our closed Facebook virtual mastermind to post questions and provide mutual support.

group training

In addition to all the benefits of the Paid Mastermind, we provide a monthly group training that focuses on building leadership skills. The group training come in two distinct forms. The first is a group training session located on the site of a business. The focus is on mid-level management becoming better leaders while incorporating specific company values and culture into the training. The second is a weekend group training event for individuals wanting to invest in themselves. These events have guest speakers, break-out sessions, and skill building activities.

You don’t have to hold a position in order to be a leader.
— Henry Ford



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